We will either find a way, or make one!
— Hannibal

HEATHER HUNT senior account manager

Heather Hunt’s job philosophy is to do it right, make no excuses and give 500% every day – and her coworkers say that’s exactly what she does. When Heather isn’t being an imaginary NFL scout, she’s definitely obsessing about client needs and tending to a cataloged file in her brain about their “isms.” Nothing slips by Heather! She’s amazingly quick, can tackle twelve projects before 8 a.m., and has a memory like a steel trap. At home, she’s busy, taking care of two kids when she’s not skydiving, running the Warrior Dash or watching Jeff Lewis whip up some incredible style. Heather calls it right the first time and we love her for her passionate pursuit of excellence.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.
— Abraham Lincoln

VENUS ROBINSON account manager

We nominate Venus Robinson as Account Manager of the century. The very nature of her multi-tasking skills allows her to juggle everything from ordering samples, assisting with drumming up business, and going to the ends of the earth to discover new sourcing channels. Or you may find her calmly sitting at her desk making sense of it all, slinging invoices and reconciling billing with her eyes closed. She’ll tell you herself that her attention to detail is unbelievable, and her multi-tasking is second to none. She also holds a membership to GVD’s avid reader club and would love to be a best selling author someday. She has crazy good music in her iTunes library, and is addicted to word games on her iPad – as all smarties are. Her hubby is an artist and they adore their two dogs.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
— Walter Bagehot

BETHANY BURTON designer/account manager

A graduate of Texas Christian University, Bethany Burton bleeds purple and is proud to call herself a Horned Frog. Just an ordinary girl trying to live an extraordinary life, she knows that the success of anything lies in the details and hard work. Bethany says that “hard work beats out talent when talent doesn’t work hard” – which is especially true in the fast-paced environment here at Grapevine. As a third generation artist, creativity is life. It’s how Bethany sees the world. But don’t let the artist fool you, she’ll school you on the dance floor and she’s a workout queen!