One of our favorite organizations, BizBash shares super cool giveaways and event merch from their Engage! 12 Summit.
When building a program, we always like to consider the attendee perspective. What will impress them? What will make them more comfortable while in attendance? What takeaways or action items would you like them to have? How can you extend the experience, so they will continue to come back year after year?

Registration Desk

Registration Desk
(Displayed items that were in the welcome totes.)

Turn down gift idea.
(Minibar Kit)

Meeting survival kit.
(Each day had its own pouch of items.)

Poolside gift package.
(Fan, water mister, bottle of sleep-inducing Dream Water and insulated cup.)

Meeting necessities
(Pencils, sticky notes, a journal, mints and candy, and “Thinking Putty," a Silly Putty-like product to keep guests’ hands engaged.)

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