We love what we do and it's our joy to provide nothing but the best for our clients. Come rain or shine or freezing cold winds we are ready to take our client's Gift Shops mobile and that's exactly what we did for Bell Helicopter. This past weekend we set up shop at the Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Air Show and had a blast promoting their brand.

The Alliance Airshow set up was even better than I had envisioned; you really created a special experience for our customers who came by and it was reflected in our sales numbers! You ladies have such an eye for selecting things people have to have and arranging them in such a way that draws you into the store. Thanks for all your hard work – you’ve really raised the bar for our stores and all credit goes to GVD! Also grateful for your cheerful, can-do attitude…even on bone-chilling, windy days! You and your team are a delight to work with.
— Andrea O., HR Promotions & Events Specialist