Surprise your audience with a creative solution to maximize customer engagement during and post promotion. Eye blacks have made great strides beyond the stadium and proven to be popular as a custom swag giveaway as well as an alternative promotional product for social media campaigns, product activations, awareness campaigns and more.

Realestate is everything!
Here you can utilize the ample branding space to further engage with your customer by providing fun and useful information about your brand and product. Developed to leave a lasting impression, eye black products are perfect for awareness and social media campaigns. Include a hashtag and/or post incentives to drive engagement. Allow the end users to interact and generate impressions exponentially via social media.

eyeblack 3.jpg
eyeblack 2.jpg

There are a variety of eye black products with components designed to function as keepsakes, including business cards and magnet inserts. They keep your brand in front of the end users with strong, intangible added value.